Time For Some Spring Cleaning
It’s time for some spring cleaning. 

Now wait a minute, I haven’t even mentioned the kind of cleaning that needs to happen. I know lots of people are on this Marie Kondo kick, but that isn’t the cleaning we are going to talk about. 

For those that aren't familiar with Marie Kondo, from what I understand, she walks you through throwing junk out that you don't need from your space. In the process of cleaning out, you are supposed to ask yourself how does this shirt make you feel? If the shirt doesn't make you happy, you are supposed to throw the shirt out. Hey, if it works for you, great! Rock-on!

However, the spring cleaning I want to talk about is the clutter inside your mind. The thoughts that bog you down and make you believe you aren't worth more. The voice that holds you back from chasing a dream. The feeling of self-doubt, and your insecurities, that keep you from having the ability to make any decision, good, bad or ugly.  Your lack of self-worth that keeps you confined inside your walls away from others.  It is time to break-up, clean-up, and move on from the emotions holding you back. Quit letting emotions of the past dictate your future. 

We often allow ourselves to get so distracted by the clutter we can physically see, that we never tackle the underlying problem. See, it is much easier to clean out the clothes, dishes, movies, books, etc. than it is to sit down and clear our mind. The actual act of removing an object from your space has such a powerful impact - instantly. Whereas dealing with emotion may take several attempts, with no instant gratification. The work is so much harder. Imagine how easy life would be if we could remove our negative emotions and thoughts like we do the everyday trash in our life.  Oh, and let’s not mention that once that shirt is gone, it’s gone - but those pesky emotions or thoughts can pop back up at any time. We allow ourselves to get distracted because is it easier than learning to focus on the problem. #smilingselfie 

We aren’t willing to put in the hard work, even though we expect results. We aren’t willing to ask ourselves the hard questions (those answers may scare you), even though we want freedom for what is holding us down. If we are being honest, we don’t value our lives enough to make the investment that is needed in order for change to happen. Instead, we go out and buy an object (or Amazon something) that makes us feel better about our current situation because it is so much easier. Watch out! That easy, quick fix gets very expensive, and you will just end up throwing it out next season anyway!

In essence, the reason we have so much junk in our lives is that we are constantly trying to buy material objects that fill a void or put a bandaid over an emotion, instead of dealing with it head-on. 

It is time to rip that band-aid off. 

Buckle up and commit to freeing your minds and releasing the junk from your past.  

If that means going to a therapist and laying on a couch every week, then do it. 

If that means spending more time meditating, then do it. (Apply a drop of Frankincense over your heart.)

If that means finding a church and learning more about unconditional love, then do it. 

If that means kicking some friends or family to the curb, then do it. 

If that means finding an outlet like running or exercising, then do it. 

If that means you need to read more books, then spend those dollars at the bookstore or Amazon. (Can you tell I like Amazon?)

Earl Nightingale once said: “Be where you are”. It is time to start living in the present, preparing for the future, and stop being tied down to the past. 

Whatever decision you made in the past that is holding you down, it is way past time to LET IT GO! (Best part of Frozen) Whoever put that doubt in your head, it is past time to kick them to the curb. Whatever negative action consumes your mind, find a way to release it. 

If you want to be free, it really doesn’t matter how many times you clean out your closet, the junk is still going to be there. It is time to forgive yourself for your mistakes. It is time to forgive those that have hurt you. Now is the time to learn how to love and embrace who you are. 

Own who you are!

You are priceless and were created for greatness. 

Now go out and start your spring cleaning. 

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