Check Your Gut

Check Your Gut

I wish someone suggested this to me a long time ago.  Check your gut.

Feeling crappy? Check your gut

Sick all the time? Check your gut

Crave carbs all the time? Check your gut

Depressed? Check your gut

No energy? Check you Gut

Can you see I think the first thing everyone needs to do is check their gut?

Gut is your second brain

Have you heard the gut is often referred to as the second brain? Our gut is out of this world smart.  The gut has its very own nervous system, keeps about 200 million neurons and houses the majority of our immune system.

Have you heard of serotonin? Serotonin is called the happy hormone. What I think is interesting is that about 90% of serotonin is produced inside the gut, from good bacteria. 

But whenever there is something good involved there is something bad as well. 

Not all bacteria in our gut are good bacteria. When we go past that happy medium and the bad bacteria take over is in my opinion when we see the destruction start. 

pictures of what good and bad bacteria look like

Before I started to take a probiotic daily my major issues was not using the bathroom frequently.  I had no idea you should be pooping at least once a day. 

I had suffered from digestive issues for years. Like pooping once a week, if that. Stomach cramps worse than having a baby. Trust me, I have three kids, the pain was worse than pushing out babies. I was losing sleep because I would be in and out of the bathroom all night. 

I thought this was all normal. I could go for days or weeks and be fine until one day... Well, you get the picture.  

I am sure I probably learned about the digestive issue at some point in school. But let’s be honest who wants to talk poop much less listen. 

In the last 5 years, probiotics are shining lights on the digestive system. This topic deserves your attention 

Probiotics are supplements that provide good bacteria straight to our digestive system. 

Probiotics have helped me cut down on the carbs and sugar I eat. I spend more time in the bathroom. And I feel better. Probably the increased serotonin. 

what they think our gut looks like

 Here is how it was explained to me.

If you eat a lot of carbs and sugar the bad bacteria have taken over your gut. Imagine the bad bacteria as yeast. (umm bread) When you make bread from yeast you store the yeast in a warm oven for a period of time. The warm oven is what makes the yeast rise, double in size. 

Now think about your gut. Your gut is housed inside your body. Your warm body. So every time we eat sugar and carbs we are in essence putting yeast in the oven to rise. Doubling the number of bad bacteria. Bad bacteria feeds of bad bacteria., this is where your cravings come in.  At some point, the bad bacteria are going to take over.  Especially if we are not adding good bacteria in your gut. If you can allow the good bacteria to overcome the bad bacteria your chances of squashing those cravings are now in your favor. 

I challenge you to take a good probiotic and see if you notice any changes. 

Wanna know which probiotic I take? Shoot me a message. 


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