Personality Quiz

Personality Quiz
I believe that taking personality quizzes are fun. The results tend to shed a little light on your behavior. They may even help you discover a few things about yourself.  However, I do urge you not to put too much emphasis on your results. 

Use your results as a guide or a blueprint for your life.  Do not treat the results as if they are written in stone. People do change.

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I think I have created a monster. Well, technically I guess he was already created I just showed him the way.

Curtis took his personality test; Campaigner
True Free Spirit, Life of the Party, Charming, Energetic and compassionate. All those characteristics fit him to a T, but could we have at least called it something other than Campaigner.

I feel like he is plotting out what he will run/campaign for next. As I sit here with my Logistician personality analyzing every word and plan that comes out of his mouth.😂 😂 Along with my blunt and to the point approach for why something won't work.

This should be fun!

When was the last time you took a personality quiz

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