Let's Catch up!

Let's Catch up!
It has been a while since we have talked about where it all began. We have been on a little health kick now for 4 years. WOW, when you say it like that it seems much longer. 

 I have learned a lot about myself and kids through this journey. Rarely is something as simple as it appears. 

This has been a slow learning process. One can easily get overwhelmed and shut down. I did many times. However, I never stay down for long. I always get back up and continue to find easy and simple ways to support my kids and their health. One day at a time.

In life, we tend to over complicated many things. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. You can't go wrong that way. Life only gets complicated when you lose focus on your goals and start following others. 

Remember this simple truth, this your life. It is your job to live it to the best of your ability. No one else's.  
Let me leave you with this. People will criticize you either way you go, why not travel down the path that makes you the happiest? Afterall it is your decision and life. 
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