Here we are 3 days into the New Year and a total blowout just occurred. I feel like a hit a patch of black ice and I am sliding all over the place. Out of control. Ready to throw the keys into the unknown and be done. But what is that going to help? Nothing. It will only delay me more. 

I could go into the details of the blowout but then no one else could relate. And where is the fun in that? There is this impression that I can handle any road that I choose to travel. And that just isn’t the case. I prefer the smooth paved road, just as much as everyone else. But if I go off-road you better bet I am going to find my way back to the pavement.

A decision was made that altered my plans to my destination. I had no indications that my journey was about to derail. There were no warning signs. No check engine light flashed. No tire pressure signal. No ding to let me know I was low on gas. (That’s all I got y’all, I hope you got the picture.) 

Basically like a complete blow out of one of my tire. I am now running on a rim and three good tires. Can you relate? Do you know what I am talking about? Tired, Discouraged, Frustrated, Defeated, the list can go on...  

Here is the beauty in the journey.

You have two main options. 1) you can either get out, change your tire and get back on the road to your destination (#goals) OR 2) you can sit there inside your car and pout that things didn’t work out for you. Waste all your time and energy on this one moment. Lose your focus and momentum. Basically, slash your other three tires so you can never reach your destination. 

Personally, I would call AAA. Then, in the hour it takes for them to get to me, cry my eyes out. So that when my new tire is in place, I can get back in the driver's seat and peel out of here. This location is where dreams flourish or die. And I am not ready to see my goals die. 

So are you going to change your tire or sit there and slash your other three tires?

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