Make The Time - Don't Wind Up Alone

I have never put a priority on having multiple friends. Much less girl friends. Probably because growing up I never had the good ones. #meangirls

I always thought my inner circle was tight. Remember mean girls. Unfortunately I built walls and not boundaries.

This past year the people who I thought would be there forever vanished. At first the realization was devastating. I mean, how? We shared way too many special moments together.

 I felt neglected and abandoned. As if I was no longer worthy of their time. Our friendship wasn’t important enough. And then….

When I least expected it the friends I needed all along showed up.

Well technically they have been in my life for awhile, I was just never brave enough to let them get close. #rejectionsucks 

You know the rejection I speak of.

I can’t make the first move, because then I look desperate. 

I can’t make the first move, if they wanted me around they would have asked already. 

I can’t make the first move, because they are too good for me. #outoftheirleague

I can’t make the first move, I am too shy. 

I can’t make the first move, they don’t have time for me, They are too important.

Bullshit, you are just scared of being rejected and that is perfectly OK. Just know that the reason you aren’t reaching out is because you are scared and not because you aren’t worthy. 

You are worthy of having friends that make time for you. 

You are worth making time for. 

You are worthy. 

You are a priceless human being.  

I know we are all "busy". And the word busy means a lot to different people. But if we don't stop and make time for the people that are important to us, you will lose them.

Stop for a minute and imagine how sucky your life will be once you finally complete your task list, conquer all your goals or dreams and have no one to share them with.

Walking away from my responsibilities for an hour lunch date (or 3 hours) with a friend brings far more fulfillment than I could have ever imagined. Ya need to try it sometime. Live differently.  

Make the time.

Take the risk.

Enjoy the ride.

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