Self Sabotage
Self Sabotage as much as I hate to admit it is my BFF. I know I need new friends. Working on it. 

We totally have this love/hate relationship. 

Just when I think that I have everything under control that damn beast peeks it’s head out again. Sending me into a downward spiral that I have a hard time finding my way out of. 

Over the course of the last few months I have discovered that my not so finest moments of self-sabotage come right before I make a big change or have a growth spurt in my own personal development. 

Here is what I have learned about that. When you are about to venture out into the unknown your body tenses up and gets scared. Your brain goes into overdrive to try and protect you. The lies start to flood your mind. 
  • You can't do this
  • No one wants to hear it
  • You are alone
  • You are not worthy
  • You will never be successful
  • Stop while you are ahead
  • Do you wanna lose the only friends you have
  • Danger-Stay back 
  • You can't go that way, you have never done it before
  • There is a scary monster out there, stay put. (Ok, that one may just be me.)
  • Everyone just wants to hurt you
  • Everyone will leave you
What ever the story is, those are just lies.  

It all makes sense when you think about it. Our brains know we have never done this before and therefore wants to protect us. 

However as much as I love the fact that my brain wants to protect me, I have to realize that is also holding me back. I have to start breaking down the statements that are coming in and separate the truth from the lies.  

Not everything I do is going to cause me harm. Some actions I take may change my life for the better.

Learning to recognize and trust my instincts is the only way to get off this vicious cycle of self-sabotage. Is it easy, Hell No. Is it scary, absolutely. 

But I am just curious enough to know how different my life will be on the other side of my comfort zone.  

Do you struggle with self-sabotage? 

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