Eggs & Veggies
My new all-time favorite way to cook eggs NOW is with Veggies. 

Several months ago I was at a conference. The hotel we stayed at offered made to order breakfast. So, of course, I choose that over the Breakfast buffet.

As I waited in line to place my omelet order I got nervous. All I wanted was cheese and bacon in my omelet. Super healthy eating while attending a conference on empowerment, right. However, everyone I could hear ordering was adding tons of veggies. I was thinking GROSS! Why mess up a perfectly good combo of eggs, meat, and cheese? 

As I was getting closer in line, I was praying the person in front of me would order just meat and cheese. That way I wouldn't be the only junk eater in this lobby. 

Sadly, he didn't. His omelet was full of mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and onions. GROSS. 

Well, peer pressure got the best of me. So in my most unsure voice ever I ordered my omelet with cheese, bacon, and spinach. I figured I could at least pick out all the big green leaves. 

I go to sit down at the table with Curtis and he makes fun of my omelet. Well, that only makes me stubborn. So naturally, my response is I am going to eat the whole damn thing. Just watch me. 

Needless to say, I was not happy but I already made my comment like the typical hot-headed person I am. So now I had to eat my words. 

Surprisingly it wasn't bad at all. I actually like it. Now I make my eggs this way 3-4 times a week. A sneaky way to add more veggies into my diet.

The lessons I learned on this trip:
Not all peer pressure is bad. 

Eggs and veggies make a good combo.

I wished I learned, how not to be such a hot head all the time. But hey baby steps right?

How do you like to cook your eggs?

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