Relationships can't be measured
Not everything in life can be measured in dollars. There is no value that you can put on a person. Much less that relationship.

In a world where we base all our decisions on how much something costs and needing a certain amount of ROI, return on investment. Consider this for me.

What price tag would you put on any of the following scenarios?

A phone call touches a lost soul.
A smile fills a broken heart. Even if it was short-lived.
A card in the mail brightens someone's day.
A simple text says I am thinking about you.
A hug or handshake for the one silently struggling.
The causal wave that says, yes I see you.
The way making eye contact with someone makes them feel seen.

You can't begin to imagine a fair price. Each of these scenarios has a different value based upon the receiver.

Stacks of coinsMastercard hit the nail on the head with the Marketing tagline, Priceless. I wonder if the marketing department knew the gold mine they hit with that tagline.

Next time you think taking action isn’t worth the investment, err on the side of caution and do it anyways. You may never know the full impact of that one action. But if you made one person feel loved or seen, isn't that worth it?

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