Turkey Tacos!
I don't know about you, but tacos are always a hit at my house for dinner.
But I was looking for a change besides just our usually ground beef tacos.

OK not really,a true story. While shopping at Publix they had this turkey on sale.

So naturally, I bought the turkey, even though I have never cooked a turkey before.
Turkey Tacos

When it came time to cook the turkey. I realized it was already cooked I just needed to warm it up. Even better.

So I warmed it and we eat it for dinner one night. I am feeding a family of 5 so you can imagine how much turkey was left over. So I started to brainstorm. How else can we eat this turkey?

And then it came to me. TACOS!🌮

I warmed the turkey in my skillet then added my homemade taco seasoning to the meat and let it simmer.
Dinner was a hit that night.

Have you ever made Turkey Tacos?
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