Stop Chasing Numbers  - You are More Than A Number

I want to talk about chasing numbers and how we especially women need to stop chasing numbers. 

To start the number on that scale it doesn't define who you are. It's just a number and that number can change daily. Numbers on a scale are different for everybody.  So don't think that just because it's a certain number that you are any less of a woman. Or that a lower number makes you more lovable. That by lowering that number you are more attractive or that you are even more healthy. Because again it's just a number. The beauty behind that number is we are also so unique and that number is special to us. 

Now if you choose to lose weight then that's one thing. But don't base your decision based upon that number. Because again hear me out... it's just a number and it has nothing to do with the woman that you are. 

The number that is in your bank account. That number does not define you as a person either.  You can be one of the most dependable lovable caring kind-hearted people in the world and just be struggling right now.  Just because you may not have a huge number in your account does not mean you're any less of a person. 

So don't get all tied up and stressed out trying to make that number bigger. I would rather have what I need and love people the right way than have all the money in the world and have an ugly soul. 

This number is one that we have been struggling with... Your GPA has nothing to do with you as an individual. For instance, is anybody even walking around asking you hey what was your GPA in high school or college? No, because nobody cares. Do we need to apply ourselves and learn what we can learn, Absolutely! But do we need to have our whole identity consumed into what a GPA is no? You can be the most lovable, caring, dependable, honest, have the best work ethic, have the best servant heart in the world, and have a low GPA. 

A high GPA doesn't mean anything. All it means is that you could study and you could answer questions on a test.

And there is nothing wrong with that.  But please stop stressing yourself out over a GPA because nobody cares I promise you.

Right now you seem like it's everything but I promise you it's not.

So all of that to say stop chasing a number that absolutely has nothing to do with defining who you are as a person, a woman, or a mom. Whatever the sum of numbers is in your life means absolutely nothing about who you are as a person.  Drop me a comment about a number you struggle with. 

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