I burned the damn onions!

While cooking dinner tonight I burned the damn onions. Not because onions are hard to cook, but because I was trying to do too much at once. 

Sound familiar? 

While I was cooking the meat and heating up the veggies, I loaded the dishwasher and wiped down the counters. I can’t stand cooking in a cluttered kitchen. 

Everything was going well. 

At this point, the meat was on the stove finishing up. The veggies were done. All that was left was for the onions to finish. 

Here is where the whole night took a drastic turn. 

I decided that while I was waiting for the onions to finish cooking, I would fold the load of clothes that were in the dryer.

My laundry room is right beside the kitchen, I could watch over the onions….what could go wrong? 

I really dislike wasting time, and not being productive. (aka multitasking) Thanks, corporate America. 

Anyways, back to the onions and the laundry. 

I committed (in my mind) to having the laundry folded before dinner, so even though I could smell the onions that were close to getting done, I ignored the urge to go turn down the burner. Instead, I tried to fold faster. 

By the time I finished folding the clothes, that didn’t even have to be folded at that moment, I went around the corner and saw that I burnt the crap out of the onions. 

I was pissed. I went from feeling accomplished to feeling like a failure. 

In trying to make life easier for everyone else, I make life harder for myself.

And why? What am I trying to prove? 

There was no reason that everyone else that lives in this house could not have been in the kitchen beside me helping out. Instead of sitting in front of the TV. 

Take it from me, doing everything all the time is exhausting and overrated. Our job as a mom is not to make their lives easier to make sure they can function as responsible adults.

Get them in the kitchen, teach them how to cook, how to clean up while cooking, and how to fold laundry. Then next time you won’t burn the damn onions. 

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