Come Out Of The Shadows

I feel ya girl. If you stay in the shadows you are in your safe spot. Out of sight out of mind. I hear ya- you don't like all the attention or the fuss surrounding you. And the absolute last thing you want to do is cause a commotion by speaking your mind. Or even worse saying what's on your mind and offending someone. Then you have your worst fear acknowledged. 

You are abandoned. Left all alone.

So instead you play it safe. You quietly pull up a chair and sit still while life goes on full speed ahead. After all, as long as you blend in you are safe and no one will bother you. You have fully protected yourself from being harmed. You have built great barriers around you to keep you safe.

However, at the same time, you realize that your walls are too high and too sturdy.

Your life is now just ticking away. People you thought were friends have forgotten about you and moved on. That's not their fault. They can’t see you when you are hiding in the shadows. As for those relationships that were so full of joy and love no longer exist. You are nothing more than a distant memory.  

The irony in the situation is you did all of these things to protect yourself from being abandoned and alone. 

And by not being your true self you have allowed your fear to come true. You now sit lonely, scared, and alone all because you were afraid to come into your light. You felt like sitting in the shadows was the safest place for you. 

When in reality that was the worst thing for you to do.

Tell me if I am wrong. 

You are hiding out in the shadows not happy with where you are in life. Probably feeling a little lonely. Feeling left behind by friends. Feeling a little ignored. Not living to your fullest potential. All the things you are afraid of happening if you allowed your light to shine are happening now. 

And you still aren’t happy. 


So here’s my crazy thought, start being you. 

If your friends are true friends that are meant to walk beside you. They will still be there. And if they walk away that’s ok, you are just making a path for other people who need your light to have a path to you. 

But you have to be willing to come out of the shadows and into the light in order to have that companionship.

Start doing one small thing today that allows your true self to shine through. 

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