Dante's Favorite DIY Hot Cocoa

Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my kids in the kitchen. I love to help encourage their skill in the kitchen. Along with teaching them the value of cooking/baking for themselves. 

It never fails whenever we hang out in the kitchen that laughter follows. Usually behind a huge mess. But hey, not a big deal. 

The easiest way I know to get your kids excited about cooking is to allow them to pick the recipe. My son has my sweet tooth. So he almost always has a sweet treat up his sleeve. 

There was a point where that would annoy me, and I would end up fussing at him to pick better choices. Which you can imagine had us at each other's throats before long. I was stealing his joy of cooking. And driving myself insane in the process trying to make him eat better. Turning what used to be a fun and exciting experience into chaos.

So instead of worrying about all the sugar, I now congratulate myself that they now prefer their own homemade version of hot cocoa over the store-bought packets.   

At least now when they choose to drink hot cocoa, they have to make it, and I get to pick the ingredients that go in it. And at the end of the day, I consider that a win. 

So here is Dante’s Favorite Hot Cocoa Recipe:

4 Cups Milk (chocolate milk works well also) 

¼ cup pure cane sugar 

¼ cup organic cocoa powder 

¼ cup chocolate chips (he loves the white chocolate chips)

¼ teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract -click here for homemade recipe

In a pot on medium heat simmer your milk, sugar, vanilla, and cocoa powder until they are blended well together. You need to whisk/mix your ingredients around so they will melt faster.

Once that is smooth and blended well together add your chocolate chips. Continue to mix your hot cocoa until your chocolate chips are melted. 

Pour into a mug. Kick back and enjoy it. For an added dose of sugar top off your hot cocoa with marshmallows or whip cream. 

Which do you prefer on top of your hot cocoa marshmallows or whip cream?

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