Your Success And Growth Is Yours #personaldevelopment

Someone tried to take credit for my hard work…

I am coming out of my comfort zone…. 

I am the captain on my own ship and only I can take the steps needed to walk outside the lines of my own comfort.

If you know me personally...

Some of you know me as the girl who says what she thinks, and then wished she didn’t say that. Other’s know me as the quiet people-pleasing girl who keeps her opinions to herself, and just rolls with it. 

Some of you know me as the girl who doesn’t back down from anything. No matter how insane. Other’s only know of me as the girl sitting tucked away in a corner trying not to be seen. 

Some of you know the hell on wheels girl, that I can be. Other’s know the super conservative afraid of everything girl. 

Some of you know the badass girl, who doesn’t need other people around. Very few have had the privilege of seeing my tears, and letting my guard down. 

Some know the girl that always has the answer in a matter of seconds. Other’s know the girl who can’t make a decision if her life depended on it because of her crippling anxiety. 

But here is the thing that everyone needs to know. My success and personal growth has nothing to do with anything anyone else is doing. “Watching” your success does not empower my success. It doesn’t actually work that way. Yes, other people’s success can be inspiring, but I still have to do the work myself. 

All this recent growth was done on my own. That is why it is called personal development. 

You can not take the steps outside of my comfort zone. You have no clue where my comfort zone begins or ends. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. 

No one can take credit for anyone else’s personal growth. 

Celebrate with them. Be happy for their progress and meeting the goals they set. Encourage them in the new version of themselves they found. This is how to support those who are growing and stepping out of their comfort zone. 

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