Go barefoot

Stressed? Anxiety high? Tensions high?

Did you know that by allowing your bare feet to touch the ground it is a calming method. It is called many names, Grounding, Earthing, Connecting.

Call it what you want, but it works.

When I start to feel my world getting a little crazy or out of control, I love to kick off my shoes and walk around barefoot. 

I personally prefer to be barefoot. If we are talking outside somewhere. If we are talking about being indoors somewhere, you better believe I have my shoes on. (small germaphobe)

In this day and time we spend more time indoors connected to some sort of electronic device or under fluorescents lights than we have become disconnected with the Earth. 

When we spend time outdoors our spirits are renewed. The sun increases our VItamin D supply. The fresh fills our lungs and clears our minds. Now imagine how you would feel if you kicked your shoes off and allowed your bare feet to touch the ground. 

Amazing and Relaxing. 

I am not  going to be sciencey on you. Just for a minute go back to your memories of being a kid and playing outside. Do you remember how carefree and playful you were.  I think as adults when we reconnect our bare feet to the ground our subconscious pulls us back to a time in our life where we had fun, and less stress. It is realigning our bodies to a point where we once found happiness. 

Now the length of time depends greatly upon the individual so...

Go outside and just chill. Walk around barefoot and see if you don't feel better. (Just don't step in any cow poo, that would defeat the purpose)

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