Time to Clean Out Your Emotional Junk Drawer

It is time to clean out your junk drawer. And I am not talking about the drawer in the kitchen. 

If you are from the South ya know what a junk draw is. 

If you are anyways else in the world, a junk drawer, typically in the kitchen, is literally a drawer that holds everything that doesn’t have a home. Old receipts, old manuals, straws, takeout menus, Taco Bell Mild Sauce, change, scissors, markers, anything. Quite literally a junk drawer.  

However this time the drawer I am talking about is your body.

I hear ya! You are asking yourself why in the world am I calling our bodies junk drawers?

Well because strangely enough we have started treating our bodies like junk drawers. We just keep cramming emotions, feelings and thoughts deeper down. 

We either don’t have the time, patience, energy, or know-how, so we ignore issues and emotions. We cram them away to deal with later. 


We have to stop this. It is not our fault. 

Break the cycle of ignoring your emotional health. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones.  

Did you know that if you don’t process an emotion it will hide inside your body? Yep, that emotion will literally bury itself inside your body. 

Every emotion we can experience has a hiding spot inside or body. 

Shocking right. 

For instance, grief likes to hide inside lungs. Have you ever noticed when experiencing heartache or loss, your chest usually feels tight? That tightness is the emotion in your body.  

So here is the deal. We have gotten really good and efficient at hiding and shoving down our emotions. Seriously, who wants to be stuck feeling crappy?

But here is an important thing to think about.  

Our bodies can only store so much. Just like your junk drawer in the kitchen. And once that drawer is full, there is no more room to store things. Even the items that you really really want to keep. 

Did you read that? 

If you don’t let go of the bad is there no room for the good either. 

We need to remove the emotions that you have crammed down inside your body.  The junk. The funk. Whatever you want to call it. 

It is time to deal with emotions. Process them. And finally, release them, so they can stop wreaking havoc on your body. You are so worth the time and energy. 

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