Sunscreens are they dangerous?
Do you have any idea what is in your sunscreen?

You'll probably be shocked.  I know I was. 
See, I have very sensitive skin. Many products on the market today either burn when I apply them, make my skin break out in bumps, or turn my skin red. Little did I know that the sunscreen that I was buying to help prevent skin cancer could be causing a host of other problems. Which. in turn, could lead to skin cancer. Say WHAT? 
Yep, you read that right. 

Take a minute and Google some key ingredients in sunscreen avobenzone, oxybenzone, homosalate, and PABA. Hormone Disrupters!

Looking back, I can see all the warning signs, but I had no clue what was happening. I was just doing what I was told to do.

I find it very interesting that Hawaii will ban certain sunscreens because the chemicals are killing the coral reefs, but everyone else is encouraging us to lather up. Does that make any sense? Here is the video.

 Now, let me say that just because one outlet says something, does not mean I take it to heart. Here is a different outlet detailing the worst sunscreens for kids. and their ingredients. 

Still not sold that commercial sunscreens are bad for you? Go check out the EWG website. There they have lists of many of the chemicals that are added to products today. EWG rates them based on scientific research as to the level of concern we should have when using certain products.

 Was that a little too much information or way too overwhelming? Another option to look at is Lindsey Elmore. She is a chemist, pharmacist, and board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist. She loves to break down the science behind things so that everyone can understand. 

So now what? Are there any sunscreens safe to use?

Here is my answer to that. I would prefer not to wear any sunscreen, so a big help for us is using rash guards or sun shirts.
Secondly, I choose a sunscreen that is mineral-based from a reputable company. Choose a sunscreen that has a non-nano mineral in it. There are many to choose from. Just expect to pay more.

As for my family, we use Young Living Mineral Based Sunscreen
I am sharing this not to scare you. I hope that it will empower you to research before you buy, to know there are options available to you, to make you think and not just believe what we are told. 

You are the only one that controls what you buy. Stand up and hit these companies that continue to make harmful products in the gut and tell them NO MORE. Take your money elsewhere.

Companies start to pay attention to what the consumer wants once they see their bottom line hit. 
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