Moms stuck in the comparison trap
For the woman who feels inadequate because social media has her mind so jacked up-- take a break and remember not everything you see is real. 

For the mom who is scrolling through social media and drools over another women's house feeling a little envious or jealous because she thinks she has a perfect life. What you don’t see behind her beautiful house pictures is her heart that is hurting. She doesn't have anyone to help fill this big house of hers. Her dream was to have a big house always full of friends and family. However, she's lonely. She struggles to make friends, her family is too busy for her, and her spouse works all the time.

Now your average (messy) house is looking pretty darn good huh!

For the mom who is scrolling through social media and longs for the same type of relationship that the “happy” couples have. Ya know the couples that are always smiling, doing everything together, always seem to be in that puppy love stage, never seem to struggle. While you sit back and wonder what's wrong with your marriage. Why aren't you always this happy. Why aren't you posting about being married to my soulmate, best friend forever? The mom you're comparing yourself to is really dying in those pictures. She has no connection with her spouse. They have no intimacy. No deep conversations, no long talks, no cooking in the kitchen together, no dancing around the kitchen together, no sitting sipping on wine kind of nights.

Now you realize those nights drinking and dancing in the kitchen with your spouse are looking pretty good huh!

For the mom who is sitting there scrolling social media wondering how other moms always look so cute and buy adorable outfits. Then you look at your wardrobe and wonder why your clothes are so basic. Do you know that every time she looks in the mirror she struggles with how ugly she is? She thinks everybody is whispering about how ugly she is behind her back. She's so self-conscious about herself she barely can get out of the house on most days. She struggles with her weight daily. She goes through bouts of anorexic and bulimia. She uses her wardrobe to mask the pain and hide. She's seeking the attention that she desperately wants but can't give herself. 

Now your clothes aren't looking so bad are they?

For the mom who is scrolling social media and always sees other families with children smiling and happy-go-lucky picture-perfect families. You look over at your family while playing UNO and wonder why your kids can’t be that happy. What you don’t see happening behind those closed doors is after that picture was taken everyone goes off in their own direction. They don’t spend time with each other. Heck, they don't even talk and if they do it's through a text message at best. If by chance they are in the same room with each other they're all yelling, screaming, and fighting with each other. While you sit back and secretly wish they would all go to their own corners and be done. 

Your family's looking pretty damn good right now, isn't it?

Your life is better than you think. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Stop letting social media fool you into thinking you have less than someone else. If by chance there is a relationship you would like to improve on or create a deeper connection with grab a set of questions and get to work. 

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