DIY Carpet Freshener
Ditch the store-bought carpet fresheners powders and make your own. 

It is surprisingly easy, quick and CHEAP. That makes it a win-win for me. 

DIY Carpet Freshener 

Glass Container
Baking Soda
Pour some baking soda into your glass container. Add about 10 drops of essential oils. I tend to make mine ahead of time so I do not mix/shake mine up. But go ahead and shake it if you like. Sprinkle on your rug/carpet, allow it to sit for a few minutes then go to town and vacuum.

We have a daily chore list for our kids, and on Friday's they have to vacuum the house. So before I leave to pick them up from school I sprinkle the 2 area rugs that we have with the carpet freshener. I want it to sit for a few minutes to allow the aroma to fill the house.
As soon as the kids get home, they whip out the vacuum and vacuum the whole house. An added bonus is since there is powder all over the floor they have to vacuum in order to get to their rooms, watch TV, or play their electronics. Smart move mama. 
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