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Do you have a person in your life that things just always happen to? Whether it is good, bad, ugly or funny they just seem to attract things. Well for my family that person is my husband, Curtis. 

Our little inside family joke is, that life just happens and now we have all these "stories" to tell.  It seems like no matter how prepared we are, what we are doing, it is inevitable that something is going to happen. 

If you want to see Curtis smile, just mention the word stories, his whole face lights up. The older he gets the more I can see so much of his daddy in him. His daddy LOVED the attention and LOVED to tell stories. (Tom's Tall Tales.) 

Now Curtis refers to the instances that happen to us as stories whereas I call them adventures. Only because you literally never know how a simple trip to the store will turn out. 

The week before his birthday he purchased a used Polaris UTV. Now I must mention that we already have a Mule UTV, that serves its purpose quite well.  But the Mule isn't 4x4 and the Polaris is. The Polaris is newer also if that really matters. 

His latest adventure just so happens to occur on his Birthday, Groundhog Day. I had a quiet afternoon planned for us. I grilled some hamburgers and hotdogs followed up with some cake and ice cream. Of course, after that we let me open his presents. We got him a winch for his new Polaris, 2 Sloth shirts, and a pair of Sloth Socks. 

Curtis with his birthday cake
Then Curtis proceeds to tell me he wants to go shoot his 22 gun. For Christmas, he got a new clip and wanted to try it out. So, outside we go to shoot the gun with his new clip. After a few rounds, we decided to call it quits.  It is still up in the air as to who hit the target the most.  Which it was me, just in case you were curious. 
Shooting the 22 guage shotgun
shooting 22 gauge shotgun
After that Curtis decided it would be nice to chill out and sit in the hot tub. It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun was out and the weather had to be in the '60s. After about an hour or so in the hot tub, we decided it was time to get out. 

Now, I don't know about you but after I sit in the hot tub, I am DONE. My body turns into a pile of noodles, it is so relaxed.  It was early evening and still fairly warm outside so I decided I was going to sit on the porch in my rocking chair and read a little. This is when the day takes a turn and his "stories" come to life. 

Curtis wanted to move his Polaris into the garage so he could start putting on the winch the next morning. In the process, he took Dante on a short ride around the yard. Then for whatever reason, they decided it was a good idea for Dante to drive the Polaris. 

Now, remember we have a Mule. We have had it for at least 1 year, and the kids are very comfortable driving the Mule. However, the new Polaris is much faster. So Curtis decided he wanted to make sure Dante understood the differences between the two UTV's. Remember all I wanted to do was read my book. 

Off go Curtis and Dante to the field beside our house. They weren't gone 10 minutes and to my surprise I see Curtis and Dante walking back. I assume they ran out of gas because why else would they be walking back, right. If you know Curtis, he ain't walking unless he has to. 

Curtis grabs Delilah, Dante, and Big red, his truck and off they go. It was probably 10-15 minutes later they come back with Big Red and No Polaris. So I asked why they didn't pull the Polaris back, again remember I think they ran out of gas. Before the truck was at a complete stop, Delilah is standing up, climbing out of the bed of the truck to inform me, the boys flipped the Polaris. 

He came home to get Big Red so he could pull it back up! Not because he ran out of gas and need to tow the darn thing back. 

polaris 4x4 on it's sideMy friends that is how Curtis decided to spend the last few hours of his birthday.  Not only did he get to teach Dante a lesson on how easy things can get out of control but we were able to see the blessing that neither one of them was severely hurt. Well, other than their pride. 

Happy Birthday, babe! You definitely made it a rememberable one.
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