"da Secret to Life
Are you as tired as I am? Every time I turn around someone is trying to sell me on the idea that there is some secret sauce or product that will fix all my problems.

I know I have dramatic tendencies, but this is real y'all., and it has to stop. There is NO SECRET SAUCE, NO MAGIC PILL, NO GOLDEN EGG. The only thing that can fix you is already inside you! I promise. The problem is we are sold on the idea that if we buy __________ product, everything will be magically fixed.

Don't believe me? Check out some of these statements and tell me you haven't been told the same lies.

If you buy my diet supplement you will lose tons of weight. Once you dropped those extra pounds you will be happy with yourself and love who you are. 🙄

"You really need to be buying this brand of clothing." Yes, they are expensive but rest assured when you are done wearing them you can resell them for almost full price. Besides, don't you want your children to look adorable.

Since we are talking, have you noticed your grey hair lately? If you cover your grey you will feel younger and prettier. Not only that but if you buy my all-natural youth face serum your skin will look amazing as well.
And for the record, you really need my chemical-free, non-toxic, cruelty-free, plant-based, all minerals make-up. It will totally cover up all those flaws on your face.

Oh, those nails, babe you really need to cover them up as well. Trust me nail strips will make you feel beautiful.

Now to make sure I don’t overlook anyone, let’s take a stab at those silly snake oils. Ya know those essential oils that everybody has been talking about the last few years? I promise if you buy this one kit, (
grab your kit here) all your problems will be fixed. Because if ya don’t already know, whatever your problem is, there’s an oil for that.

Stop I don't wanna hear thatOh brother! Can you give me a damn break. If you wanna fix something in life you gotta do the work. And, I am not talking about taking your happy self to work to earn a paycheck. It goes deeper than that. You have to do some really deep digging down in your heart to get to the root of the problem. The constant buying of products to fill in the void doesn’t work. There is always going to be another hot product to fix your “problem” But trust me, it will not fill those cracks. What you need, you can’t buy it.

You need some emotional healing. All those cracks inside your heart and mind have to be repaired. You need healing not more crap in your life. Stop and do the hard work. Get real with yourself. Revisit your past, once you are there search for the deep roots that are smothering your heart and mind. Then rip them out and get rid of them once and for all. As long as you allow those roots to stay hidden in your heart and mind, you have given away your control. Forgive yourself, my friend, it’s time.
Heart covered in vines

All that to say the secret to life comes from healing. When you learn to forgive and love, that is where your happiness comes from. Once you are healed emotionally then you are free, happy, and unstoppable.

If you need some help on how to start taking back your feelings, you may enjoy my free guide. 
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