Normalize Mental Health

Can we please for the love of human mankind, Normalize mental health. 

I am so tired of hearing kids suffer with this problem. A problem that oftentimes we have the opportunity to course correct. 

We as adults don’t talk about our emotions and feelings. Which not only hurts us,(that’s a whole other subject.) But harms our children more so. 

Teenagers, hell people in general, don’t feel like they can seek or ask for help for fear of being teased, called weak, or people thinking they are crazy. When in reality talking to someone is the best self-care there is. 

Mental health is not only white straight jackets and psychiatrics hospitals. Mental health includes knowing what our emotions and feelings are telling us. 

We have a huge opportunity at our hands right now to take advantage of all the damage that last year caused and use it for good. 

We take our children to the doctor yearly for their physicals.

We take our children to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned.

We take our kids to get their haircut.

We take our children for sports physicals.

We take our children to get their eyes checked. 

We take our children to church. 

We will take our children to get their nails done. 

We will spend an exorbitant amount of money to make sure they look good on the outside. 

Then why in the hell are we not allowing them the opportunity to have someone check on their emotional and mental well being? 

As parents we have to normalize this. We need to make going and talking with a therapist, counselor or professional just as normal as we do every other visit that we take our children to. 

We have a responsibility to start the conversations. 

Schedule the dang appointment.
Start talking about your emotions. 
Be the change.

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