Guard Your Time

You are the gatekeeper of your time. 

It is time for some tough love friends. 

You and only you get to choose what is a priority in your life. Quit allowing everyone else around you to make that decision for you.

When we overbook our schedules we miss out on the opportunities to invest in the people closest to us. We have a limited amount of time and opportunities to love on these people. Make sure you are investing in your family first. This lets them know that they are a priority in your life.  And that they are not getting your leftovers. 

Did you catch that? 

Are we so busy taking care of the outside world that our kids and spouse get our leftovers? 

Are you quick to run an errand for a friend? Then in the next second just as quick to jump down your kid’s throat when they ask for something?

Are you quick to pick up the phone and call to check in with a friend when you sense something is off? Then turn around and yell at your kids because they need your attention for a few minutes? 

If either of the two statements above isn’t a clear indication that we aren’t protecting our time wisely, I don’t know what is. 

We can not keep pouring into others and leave the sloppy leftovers for the people we love the most. Your family can only handle the leftovers for so long. 

Plus that isn’t being fair to them. 

They should be your first priority and everything else falls behind them. 

Here is the thing...

If you say yes to everything nothing is important. It is perfectly OK to say NO in a season. 

Remember when you choose to say no you are saying no to the task at hand and not the person.

When we overcommit out of fear of rejection the people that we love the most are the ones who suffer.  They are the ones that receive ours over anxiousness, our tiredness, our bad attitudes, and /or our lack of intimacy.

A great thought for me has been if I say yes to this then I'm saying no to something that is even more important to me.

Just because you say no does not mean no forever it just means no at this time. 

You have to be the gatekeeper of your time. You are only allotted so much time in one day and you need to place your attention on what is the most important thing at that time.

Make people a priority over your work.

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