Finding your courageous yes

Find that courageous yes and Fight for that confident no!

When I first read that statement I was screaming hell yes! But then I had to do a self check and wondered why I typically settle for the wishy washy yes. 

You know what I mean. The yes that you say when you really would rather say no, but for whatever reason you cave and say yes anyways.  

No more! Our time has come to own our decisions and roll with what we decide. 

Let me give you a few things to think about when it comes to making decisions. 

First, realize that not every activity is your activity. Meaning that just because you have been asked to help doesn’t mean saying yes is the best answer. 

Oftentimes, we look at our schedule and say, yes I am free, what do you need from me. 

The danger lies in when we say yes to something after only checking our calendar, the other areas in our life get overlooked. 

Saying yes, means being all in. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Financially, and Spiritually. 

We may be able to be physically present to assist, but what about the other areas I just mentioned?  

Picture it...After a long exhausting work week, first week back to school, and tending to your own family, a friend asks you to watch her child for a few hours. 

Before saying yes, you need to check the situation against all the areas of your life. 

Physically-You can be there physically, that will have no impact. 

Emotionally- Are exhausted and stressed out? If so, how can you really give the right kind of love to that child? Better question would be... will you be spending the day criticizing the child the whole day? Building up more tension in your body, so you can not take care of your own children?

Mentally--You had a rough week. You need some down time to process everything that happened, and rest. So that you can show up for your family. If you aren’t taking care of your mental health, then when you are beyond exhausted your words and actions hurt the people closest to you.

Financially-- What is one more mouth to feed for a few hours. How much could a little munchkin eat? But can you financially afford it right now? 

After looking at the big picture it looks like the only area in your favor is the being there physically. So you really need to decline the offer. 

By stopping and evaluating the full situation allows you to make sure you have all the resources available to meet the demands of the activity. Remember when you spend resources you don’t have, you bankrupt yourself. 

Your resources are your time, energy, love, commitments, etc.

 Therefore if you aren't careful you bankrupt your physical health, mental health, or emotional health. 

Before you say yes, ask yourself….

Does saying yes to this activity make sense in all areas of my life? 

Practice saying no, or please give me 24 hours to think about it. That way when people ask you to commit to something you can confidently affect or decline the invitation. 


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