Day 19 of the Oola Challenge: Passion
Today is all about the next Oola Accelerator, passion.

Here is the question that we want you to answer in today’s challenge:

What is something that you are so passionate about that you would dedicate every waking moment to achieving it?

For us, sharing the Oola Lifestyle Framework is something we live and breathe every day. We are passionate about letting the world know that they don’t have to settle for an ordinary life when extraordinary is within them. Our passion is sharing Oola.

Today’s challenge will push you outside of your comfort zone on purpose. Once you answer the question we initially asked, we want you to declare it. Post what you are passionate about on Facebook, Instagram, the staff lunch room, the Starbucks community wall or on the fridge for your family and friends to see.

“I am passionate about ______________.”

By going public, you are pushing away your fear, releasing your passion and declaring what inspires you. Let’s be each other’s biggest fans as we begin to live the life we dream of and deserve.
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