Day 18 of the Oola Challenge: Integrity
Are you ready to dive into today’s challenge? It’s time to learn about the fourth Oola Accelerator—integrity.

Do you ever feel like you put so much of yourself into something or someone that you start losing a little bit of who you are?

 Often the more dedicated you feel, the more you sacrifice, which can lead to imbalance. In your journey to Oola, don't put everything into your dream and forget about balancing your life.

Today’s challenge is to schedule and commit to doing two small acts of balance this week.

If you've stopped hanging out with your friends so you can work more, schedule a coffee date with a friend. If you find yourself skipping the gym to catch up on emails, complete a workout. Write down your commitments and keep yourself accountable. Don’t forget to stay true to yourself. Set goals that promote personal growth, but set them in steps that are realistic so you create a culture of winning.
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