Ways to comfort your inner child
The more I studied what the words inner child meant, the more I can admit that we all have an inner child that needs healing. And your inner child will continue to grow and need continuing comfort and soothing throughout your life. Your inner child never outgrows you. 

Instead, your inner child grows because of you! 

Let's figure out what an inner child is

In simple terms, your inner child is the part of your subconscious mind that picked up messages while growing up. Most of this messaging was “wired” into your mind before you could understand what was happening.

Did you hear that? You did not get in a say in what they imprinted in your mind.

However, now that you are older and more aware you get the chance to take heal your inner child. You can now use your knowledge, your beliefs, and your values and go back to comfort that younger you. In a manner that wasn’t available before. This is where healing begins. 

How to be a good parent to my inner child

You are a good parent to your inner child. You know what you need. The answers are inside you. Slow down, be still and you will find what you need.

When something triggers you, this is a sign that there is some work that needs to be done. Take a step back and breathe.

Check-in with your body and mind to see what is wrong. Comfort your inner child before jumping to conclusions and attacking others from a place of weakness.

There is an appropriate time and place for you to see your inner child. I would suggest that you wrap up your inner child in a blanket to feel warm and safe. Then use soothing tones in your voice as you speak gently to your inner child. Imagine having a deep conversation with a trusted friend. 

Ways to nourish your inner child with kindness

  • Take a time out to allow your inner child to play and enjoy life. 
  • Rock your inner child to sleep when you feel scared. 
  • Give yourself encouragement. 
  • Reward your inner child with a hug just for being itself. 
  • Take yourself out for an ice cream cone.
As you continue to nurture your inner child, watch your enthusiasm return and your pessimism diminish.

Creating a happy environment for your inner child will ensure that it feels safe and encourage playfulness. 

As your inner child becomes happier, notice your adult self becoming happier too!

Grab your journal and spend some time answering these questions. 
1. What does my inner child need right now? 
2. How can I let my inner child come out to play more often? 
3. What is the most important thing I need to learn from my inner child?
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