Why I Started A New Career

When I started my career 20+ years ago, it was with a company that I was proud to work for. 

That company was the leader in everything. Always innovating. They were the company everyone else looked at to see how to better perform, improve employee satisfaction, benefits, compensation plan, profit sharing (thank you), and 401K’s. 

When I say proud to work for, I mean it. We were like the spoiled brats of our industry. Everyone wanted what we had, because it was so good. 

We had so much fun. We turned everything into a competition. Lifelong friendships were made. Friends become family. We went through deaths of childrens, births of children, marriages, all the way through retirement for some. 

Somewhere along the way, things took a drastic turn. The company lost focus.

I am not sure when, how or who was to blame, but it happened. More likely a combination of all the above. For the last 10 years, I can say my pride and joy for this company has turned bad.

We went from being a leader in the industry, innovating and setting standards for everyone else to rise to. To a company sitting on our hands, stripping stores and all their employees to the bare bones, ripping benefits away on a daily basis. And left with the worst moral I have ever seen. Not the company I started with and loved so dearly.  

These are hard words to say. When I say I loved this company, I mean it. This company took a chance on me and gave me an opportunity. With that opportunity came many job positions I would have never known existed much less thought I was qualified to fill. Along with that came training, certifications and lots of business insights. I owe my business knowledge to this company and my mentors. I had some great mentors.  

See I have worked for the best company out there. Therefore I know how a great company should and can treat their employees. Not only on the compensation scale, but also in the personal development side. 

I kid you not when I say this new company is my old company on steroids. 

Leading the industry in innovation. 

Only 3 other companies are growing as fast as they are. 

No flash all business. 

Changing the way this industry works. 

Rocking everyone worlds 

Taking care of their people in the fields

Weekly pay in the works

Financial Coaches to help with retirement, savings, and/or debt

Hands down the best personal development speakers in the house. (Real time issues, Real stories, Real struggles)

Actually Bonuses that are set! 

And my favorite is the Fab 5, the things you need to focus on in your life! 

Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finances. 

Why not take a few minutes to see what makes this company different. And why the timing is right. It is FREE to look. 

Put aside everything that you think you know and come in with an open mind. I promise once you see this you will understand why I am so excited. 


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