I didn't think- I just jumped

I didn’t think, I just jumped….turns out it was the best move ever. 

Here is a little secret that many people don’t give me enough credit for... is my business mind. 

Most people only see the girl who goofs off, acts silly, is loyal AF, likes to eat, and pretends she has a clean home. (hey, back off - miracles can happen)

However, I actually have a pretty smart head on my shoulders. Thanks for all the on the job training from my corporate job. 


Shortly after my birthday I made a huge decision to change jobs. I knew very little about this company. Very little about the products. And just a smidge more about the girl I was trusting with my future. 

Anyone wanna guess what the look on my husband's face was when I made that announcement? 

Trust me though, that look didn’t stay long after I showed him why. Once you see, you can’t forget. 

A few days with this new company and I have NO REGRETS! My monthly sales volume is almost TRIPLE what it was at my previous company. Did I mention my commissions are almost triple what I was getting also?

I have skills and have no shame in saying that. But nowhere near the skill set to achieve what it is happening right now. 

The success I have had right out of the gate has everything to do with my mentors.


A business model that is set up for their people to succeed. 

An amazing comp plan 

Great products 

A team that is soooooo supportive and encouraging


Best perk ever, a financial coach to help you get out of debt. No debt, no problem they just put your money away for savings.. (I hear my local financial guy cheering away at that one) 

This is different. This company is making waves. There will always be time to join, but why not start sooner rather than later. It just makes good business sense. 

We have a saying on our team, There is always room for more people at our table. Everyone has the same value, the person at level one and the person at level 100. I have just one question for you. 

Are you ready to set at a table that values and appreciates you? Let’s talk

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