Bring Balance Back To Your Family Life
Your family is your inner circle- the people you should turn to in tough times, but also the people who turn to YOU for the same reason. Imagine a family life that's blissful...happy...balance. Now, check in with yourself about your current family situation. Do you need to improve your marriage, calm a tense family situation, set better boundaries with the kids, or otherwise improve your closest family relationships? 

One of the toughest things my coaching clients have to work through is a family situation that's stressful, heartbreaking or at the tipping point of crisis. Even worse are those parents who are so stresses in other areas that they've "checked out" of their kids lives and future. The good news is that it's absolutely possible to create the kind of balanced, happy and supportive family life you want and deserve. 
While long-term goals take time and commitment, some immediate ways to improve your household atmosphere are to 
  •  Schedule a date night this Saturday with your spouse. 
  • Have that "difficult conversation" with your aging parent. 
  • Cook dinner as a family at least three nights this week 
  • Establish a calm morning routine for younger children 
  • Set boundaries with your argumentative brother 
If you need to show up differently and make some serious changes (in your family situation or any other category) I have good news: I've teamed up with Oola authors Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl to bring you 10-week focused approach to creating a life that's balanced, happy, and growing. Don't just dream about the ideal life you want. Start living it with Oola Coaching. Click now (or message me!)

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