Bring Balance Back To Your Wallet

In my continuing series about calming the overwhelm and creating balance in all 7 major areas of life, can we talk about a significant pain point for most people?

Yeah, it’s . . . money.

If lately you’ve been stressed over credit card debt, fighting about household spending, or worried about how you’re going to pay your bills, you could probably use a lot more balance in the area of finances.

Of course, the recent economic upheaval hasn’t helped. But the reality is that some people sail through tough economic times with a healthy emergency fund, little to no debt, a side hustle that pays household expenses, and a lifestyle they can dial down at a moment’s notice.

For others, an economic crisis like this one is a wake-up call that their finances may not have been great to begin with.

If the past year has been an eye-opener for you, why not consider what you can do today to bring balance to your finances. Could you . . .

• Slash your expenses to absolutely necessary costs only?

• Sell unused items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace?

• Look for work-at-home gigs for extra money?

• Build a rainy-day savings account with just $100 to start?

Be Accountable for Your Financial Future While a dire financial situation may seem impossible now, solid finances are possible if you create a plan and focus on making small steps regularly. Write down all your debts and start paying them off, starting with the smallest one. Start a second income stream to fund savings or retirement. Get investment help from a professional financial planner you trust. Talk with your spouse and kids about cutting back and saving up until you’re feeling better about your finances.

Then, seriously consider working with me privately to set financial goals and be accountable for reaching them. Helping people find balance and achieve life changes in every major area is something I do through a unique 10-week coaching program designed around the bestselling book and coaching formula: Oola.

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