Fear Needs To Be Your BFF

How do you view Fear? 

Most people see Fear as an enemy. Sorta along the same lines as that friend who when you speak their name everyone else in your inner circle kind of gives you that look, I can’t believe you associate with that person?

Like, by name association only this person has a bad reputation. And is a bad influence. 

I feel like this is how we treat the word Fear. It has become such a word that we despise. Whenever we are in a fearful state we treat Fear like that “bad friend” or “bad influence”

We have allowed the word fear to become an awful word in our vocabulary. A frightful word. A word that paralyzes us. A word that keeps us trapped in our own misery.

We shouldn't be afraid of fear. Are there times in our life where fear protects us? Absolutely!

But what I'm seeing over and over again is that we're letting fear control our lives and we're staying stuck. Usually in a place we don’t want to be anymore. All because we are afraid or fearful of what is on the other side. 

We really don't even give Fear the opportunity to show us the full possibilities of the situations.  Much less what could learn from this situation. Instead we think that since we feel Fear then we need to run away.

Nothing good could come out of feeling Fear, right???

That is wrong on so many levels.  

The definition of fear according to Webster-Merriman dictionary is an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. 

We have chalked up Fear to always being a bad experience, and that is not always the case. We have forgotten all about the excitement of anticipation. 

I see Fear as more of a heightened alert that says check yourself. It should just be used as a signal to alert us to step back evaluate the situation and have a plan to go forward or to abort the mission

For instance:

  • The place you are going to is uncharted territory, therefore you don’t belong there. WRONG. Just be alert. Be aware of your surroundings. 

  • Last time you went that route, you failed miserably. Therefore you aren’t smart enough to belong there. Stay away. WRONG. You are not the same person you were the first go around. 

Fear is only an Emotion that is meant to make you more aware. Not paralyze you. Or keep you from doing things. 

Here is an interesting fact, do you know that the opposite Emotion of Fear is Curiosity and Joy. Now that can mean many different things to each person. 

But here’s the deal if you are choosing to stay in the Fear Emotion you can never experience the Joy on the other side. 

Now I ask you what is on the other side of your Fear? 

Freedom, confidence, excitement, courage, life, excitement. 

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