Do You Know Your Love Language?
If you haven't already gotten your significant other a Valentine's Day present, then rest assured I have you covered.  Besides getting them oils, here is the next best thing.

Best Valentine's Day Present you can give.
Do you know their Love Language? Have you ever heard of Love Language?
Click here to take the test to figure out each other's Love Language.

In order to communicate effectively, you must first be speaking the same language.
We heard about this after talking to a friend that wanted relationship advice from my husband and me.
That in itself was a shocker, I thought you want relationship advice from us?
Now don't get me wrong, we are good, no storms going on over here.
But this guy doesn't even really know me and he wants my input. SCARY!
Needless to say after learning about this test, several months ago we still haven't taken the test.
I know. I know.

BUT we have talked about the concept and figured out each other Love Languages.
Let me say again we were GOOD, but now we are BETTER!
Take the few minutes to either do the test or even just talk about the idea, and figure it each other Love Language.
Show your partner you think they are worth the effort.
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