Love People Or Polish Your Stuff

Your phone dings. You look to see who it is. You see that a friend says she is in the neighborhood and is going to drop by. 

Your first reaction is sheer joy! You feel incredibly special that someone is wanting to see you. You can’t wait to talk to your girlfriend. Even if it is for only a few minutes. 

Then you are hit with reality. Your house is in no shape for an unannounced guest to just show up. Or so you think...

Our houses are meant to be lived in. Filled with love and laughter. 

So if there are a few toys slung on the floor. Who cares? If there are dirty dishes on the counter. Who cares? 

All that shows is that you are a functioning family. 

My goal is not to have a Pinterest worthy home. Rather a tidy home.    

A home should be inviting, warm, and cozy. 

I have discovered that if my home is tidy, then there is an open door policy. I am more likely to invite someone over for dinner or just to chat. 

I came to the conclusion a while ago, that I should be running our house and that our house shouldn’t be running me. 

When our house is cluttered with “stuff” man do I feel like our house is running me. 

A cluttered house has a never needing list of things to do and rarely is an invitation to come over ever tossed around. 

I am embarrassed by the shoes one has to climb over to get in the door. And let’s not talk about the crumbs all over the floor. It looks like Cookie Monster leaves here. 

If we can let go of some of our “stuff” we can spend more time loving on people. 

What would you rather do- Love on people or Polish your stuff?

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