Name That Emotion

You may be surprised to learn that your body stores emotions that aren’t processed. 

This is a topic that very few people talk about. Not to mention even admit is possible. Totally, not mainstream.

Why do you ask? 

My guess is because talking about emotions and feelings isn’t fun. And it sure as hell isn’t easy. Sharing our feelings is leaving us wide open for complete vulnerability. 

We have grown up in a society where you are either happy or sad. 

Which is so sad because there are so many more emotions that can describe what we are feeling. We just have to know they exist. Once we know they exist we can call them what they are.  

Check out Brene Brown’s website for a list of Core Emotions to help you begin the process of feeling and naming emotion.

Furthermore, we have to be able to feel emotion. When something doesn’t feel right, learn to take a few minutes and acknowledge what you are feeling. 

If we can name what we are feeling then we can deal with it and release it from our body.

It is when we refuse to acknowledge feelings and emotions they will hide inside our bodies. This is when your emotional health has to become a priority. Otherwise the constant storing of Emotions inside your body will weaken your body. Weaken your immune system. And wreak havoc on your relationships. 

Processing emotions shows our body and mind that we are in control. We will not be a victim of our circumstances. That our thoughts or emotions do not define who you are. 

Lastly, we have to stop allowing others to tell us how we feel. If you must take suggestions from others. Just be wary and do not allow them to overshadow what you are feeling. Or downplay what you are feeling. 

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