Falling Waters Falls

Typically Tennessee summer weather called for scattered Thunderstorms off and on all day. We needed to get out of the house and catch some fresh air. And if possible tip our feet in the water. There is just something refreshing about that. 

Creek At Falling Waters Falls

Being out in the woods is magic for your soul. Let me make it clear, I am not one who enjoys getting hot and sweaty. But there is something about being in the woods, hiking, and waterfalls that makes it worth it. 

I realize that when we are out exploring we are disconnected from everything going on in the world. That the people I am with, usually husband and kids, have my full attention. No distractions. No pressure. No jobs that need to be done. Just us and connecting with each other and nature. 

Family Picture At Falling Water Falls

This little hidden gem is on Signal Mountain. This trail is hands down the easiest trail we have ever hiked. No, seriously, our youngest daughter has been hiking this trail since she could walk. This year she even led the way. Now be careful once you get to the water. There is a HUGE dropoff. 

Drop Off at Falling Water Falls

Seriously you want to lay the ground rules before you get there. But you are definitely going to want to sit back and soak in the views. 

Views at Falling Water Falls

All in all, today turned out to be another beautiful day for a hike. 

Falling Water Falls- 995 Falling Water Tr Walden TN 37377. It is on Google Maps

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