Learning To Feel Again

I did a thing the other night. And I shared about it on my social media.  Afterward, I had several people reach out and ask about it. 

So here it is.

I participated in the Aroma Freedom Technique session or AFT for short. Well, what in the hell does that mean, right?

Here is the abbreviated version. It is an emotional detox. If that satisfies your curiosity then you can stop reading. Otherwise, stay tuned, I will go into more detail. 

This technique was created by licensed psychologist Benjamin Perkus.  

Dr. Perkus combined his knowledge of proven psychological practices with essential oils. To create this method of releasing negative thoughts, feelings, & memories out of our bodies and minds. 

Dr. Perkus uses the Memory reconciliation method. I don’t know much about that, Neuroscience is just a little above my pay grade. But in basic terms that method helps rewire our brains. 

Essential Oils I used in my Aroma freedom session

I will not sugar coat the moments leading up to or during this experience. The whole experience was weird & scary. A little wonky at times. Ok, a lot wonky. But when you get great at building walls around yourself to keep from feeling emotions, necessary action is required. Remember that old saying if you want a different outcome you have to be willing to do something different.

I will admit that throughout this hour-long session in part of my mind I was still mocking the experience. For a serious thinker like I am, how is visualizing a painful forgotten memory going to help? Halfway through the experience, I noticed my body relaxing. My body and mind started fighting less and less with every round. Weird things started happening. 

Not only was I more relaxed than when we started but my mind was calm. For me, I can not tell you the last time my mind was calm. My mind is constantly running at full speed. Many different thoughts all the time. I seriously feel like I am the ball inside the pinball machine. This feeling is extremely exhausting. It keeps me from focusing on tasks, no matter how bad I want to do them. It keeps me from starting tasks because I am usually too busy jumping between the other 10 tasks I have going on. I have a hard time expressing what I am thinking because my thoughts are all over the place. 

But every round we did I was calmer. My mind didn’t come to a complete stop but it slowed down. I could actually process what I was thinking. There was a different sense of peace that I discovered that night. By the end of the session, I was freezing. I had chills all over my body. I felt exhausted and had a headache. Which I learned are all good signs. Those were signals to my body that it is time to move on. The yawn symbolized giving my body permission to move my energy onto the next phase. The chills on my body were the reactivation of my skin to enter the feeling world.      

Here is probably my favorite parts about the AFT experience. It can be done privately. No need to share your thoughts or feelings with anyone. Dr. Perkus wrote a book telling you just how to do an AFT session.   

Aroma Freedom Technique Using Essential Oils To Transform Your Emotions And Realize Your Hearts Desires

If you would rather have a step by step quick guide, check out this version. 

The Aroma Freedom Technique Step By Step Quick Guide  Order a book or both and do an AFT session on yourself. 

It is time to free yourself. I would love for you to take a minute and leave me a comment on how your session went. 
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