Citrus Fruit Dip
Since everyone will home with me for eternity, ok maybe not that long, we are having to up our snack game. 

We eat a decent amount of fruit. One because it is easy but two I try to limit the process foods. So I figured this would be a nice treat for them. Plus it may help keep them full longer than 5 minutes. Can I get an Amen?

As an added bonus, preparing the dip did take about 10 minutes of our day. 

Here is what you can for. 

Citrus Fruit Dip  

 4 OZ Cream Cheese --Philadelphia Cream Cheese is the best, no substitutions. 
 4-6 OZ Container Vanilla Yogurt  
A dash of Pure Vanilla Extract 
2 Tablespoons of Pure Honey 
2 drops of Orange Vitality 

Combine all the ingredients into a bowl and mix together using your hand mixer. Beat until smooth. Serve with fruit or graham crackers.
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