Corn Beef Egg Rolls

We ate a restaurant that had Corn Beef Egg Rolls on the menu. Curtis HAD to try them. Well, I am glad he ordered them because they were good. 


Curtis suggested that I try to make them at home so our kids could try them. How hard could it be? How hard could it be, he says? Funny, that is what I always say to him about projects. Dang it, I hate it when my own words are used against me. 

The eggrolls were pretty simple to make and they tasted pretty good. If I must say so myself. 

So here is my recipe. 



Ingredients You Need


1 LB. Boar's Head Corn Beef


*1 Head of Cabbage

*White Cheddar Cheese

Egg Rolls Wraps

  1. Chop your cabbage up into fine shreds. 

  2. Chop up your Corn Beef into little pieces

Now that you have your items laid out let’s get to work. 

Lay an egg roll wrap flat. 

Add a layer of cabbage

Then add some sauerkraut 

Now add some corned beef

Top off with some of your shredded cheese

Flat egg roll with all the fillings

The key to making egg rolls is to not overfill them. They will just break apart. Trust me. This took several attempts to make the perfect size egg roll.

All the egg rolls filled up and ready to cook.

Once you have them all filled and rolled up, let’s get them in the Air Fryer. 

We tried several different temperatures and cooking times. We settled on cooking the egg rolls at 375 degrees for about 8 minutes. 

Once you pull your egg rolls out of the Air Fryer, let them cool down before you bite into it. 


-  I sauteed the whole head of cabbage. I didn’t use the whole head, but I used the leftovers for dinner. 

- I buy block cheese and shredded it myself. Usually Cabot White Cheddar


Leave me a comment after you try your own Corn Beef Egg Rolls. 



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