Need a new mattress?

We have been replacing everyone's mattresses. A daunting task I might add. 


When you need to replace 4 mattresses, cost becomes a huge factor. 


I have heard a lot about the mattresses that are delivered in a box. You then have to unroll them and allow them to expand. Interesting concept. A few people that I know that had previously purchased a similar mattress loved it. So why not give it a try. As an added bonus, I was able to order a mattress off Amazon. 2-day delivery!


After a little research, a short reading of reviews, I decided to try out the Zinus Brand Mattress


Of course it was delivered in a trusty box. But it was truly what was on the inside that made this purchase great. 

 postcard from supplier with some humor

Zinus has a great sense of humor. 


Naturally, we pulled the mattress out of the box. This in itself was a comical experience. 

zinus foam matress

This was a neat experience. I am still in awe of the process. Admittedly I don’t understand the process... But hey it works.  The mattress raised up to full capacity and has yet to fall down. 


zinus foam matress expanding

I left the mattress untouched for the full recommended time.  (72 hours ) Then once the time passed, I replaced the old mattress with the new mattress. 


So far everyone has slept well. It appears that everyone is happy overall with their new mattress. 


The only complaint I have is the depth difference in a foam mattress and a typical box spring set. My oldest daughter took a lot of time adjusting to the height of the new mattress. 

Tell me what kind of mattress do you own? Want the same mattress we bought, here is the link. Zinus Foam Mattress


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