Our Journey
In 2015 I went looking for products for my family that were natural and less toxic. I wanted products that had the ability to actually help, if not heal, problems- not just mask them. I really wanted natural products with less chemically-laden products.
So having heard of the advantages of essential oils, I looked around to see where I could buy some and found a store that sold them at a price I thought was fair. I was far from impressed. I just wasn't experiencing the amazing changes that others had spoken about. I was so disappointed.
So when a year later my dear friend invited me to a Young Living essential oils class, I agreed to attend (being the supportive friend that I am), but I had no intention of buying the product much less trying to start a business.
 But the story she shared at that class sparked a fire in me and I went to researching essential oils again. It was then that I realized the reason I hadn't seen or felt changes when using oils before: they were not 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils and that made all the difference! (Now, let me say there is a huge difference in a true natural product opposed to a product made in a lab and labeled 100% pure.)  Now we use 100% pure therapeutic essential oils every day as the first line of defense. I no longer turn to products that I used to feel were safe for use with my family. We feel better, we take less medicine, and are more active and happier than ever!
As I started learning more about oils and how the oils work was a total game-changer for everything in our house. It was a complete lifestyle change for us. I am now more aware of the harsh chemicals that are allowed to be placed in products that other countries have actually BANNED due to the harm the chemicals cause. But the great part of our Oil Journey is that we are healthier all around. We eat better because we all know the more fruit and veggies you eat the healthier you are, your body needs those nutrients. We eat less processed foods! We exercise and move more because we know that our bodies need it.
Changing your lifestyle is a journey, not an overnight event. It will take time, slow and steady wins the race. Just remove one product from your home at a time and eventually you will get to a less toxic place. Every day you use one less toxic chemical product on your body or around your family, you start the process of living a more natural lifestyle, and your body will thank you. 
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