Lessons from a 3 year old-NO
The biggest struggle in my direct sales business is the fear of being told NO. 
Now the logical side of me knows that I will be told NO several times as not everything is for everyone.
 But the other side of me that doesn't want to offend someone or have my feelings hurt, and is scared of the 2 letter word NO. 
It is very hard for us to realize that when a person says NO to us, it isn't the end of the world, it isn't personal. Or the end of the sale, it just means NO at that time.
 So here is where I figured out I was a genius. Ok, maybe not a genius but discovered the drive and courage to continue to ask for the sale, or even approach the subject. 
Maybe I really shouldn't even take credit for the discovery as it was really my three-year-old daughter who "showed" me the light. 
I was working one day and she kept asking me for candy. Like continually asking to the point, I wanted to tape her mouth shut or put some headphones in and act like I couldn't hear her.
 Admit it you know how persistent a determined three-year-old can be. 
Literally, every few minutes she tapped me on the leg or shoulder and asked for a piece of candy. I promise I probably said NO close to 100 times that day. 
 I am not positive when the light finally went on in my brain and everything just clicked. But it occurred to me that no matter how many times I said NO, she kept going back with the same enthusiasm as before stilling asking for that piece of candy. 
So if a three-year-old knows what she wants and can continue to push through the fear of being told NO, why can't I? 
I believe it is as simple as she knows that when I say NO, I really mean not right now. And she is going to keep reminding me that she wants that candy until she gets what she wants. 
So why can we not apply the same scenario to our business?
 Stop being afraid to show someone the value of what you are selling. There is a chance they may say NO, but there is a chance they will say YES also. 
Remember even if they say NO it is not the end. Follow up, check back in with the person, be as persistent as your inner three-year-old child that wants that piece of candy. 
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