Essential Oil Recipes For Bedtime

Here are some great recipe ideas to use to help create a calming and peaceful environment.  Click Here to learn how to make a rollerball. 

 I like to add 10 drops of each Essential Oil mixed with Grapeseed Oil. I prefer Grapeseed Oil or Avocado Oil as my carrier oil of choice, but any liquid carrier oil will work.

Essential Oils that help with sleep

1) Lavender and Orange

2) Lavender and Cedarwood
3) Peace and Calming 
4) Stress Away and Lavender
5) Frankincense and Lavender
6) Frankincense and Cobaipa 
7) Dream Catcher
8) Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Orange
9) Lavender and Peace and Calming
10) Valerian and Tangerine
11) Bergamot
Pre-mixed Roller Balls
12) Sleepize
13) Tranquil 
14) Rutavala 

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