Start your day off right, Make your bed!
The day I started making my bed changed the way I viewed my day.
You see for over half my life, I never made my bed, just ask my mom.
Making my bed was never on the top of my list. I viewed making my bed as a task that would steal precious minutes of sleep from me. I mean really how long does it take to pull the covers back up? But hey, give me a break I was young and didn't know any better and needed those few minutes,

So I was in my late twenties before I started making my bed every morning and the reason may surprise you.  A BABY!

I was going to live the dream and be a stay at home mom and raise my sweet, precious, adorable baby. I was going to feed her, bath her, read to her, and snuggle with her all day long. Life was going to be GRAND, like in the movies. or so I thought.

Little did I know this bundle of pure so-called JOY was a screamer. And when I say screamer I mean from the time she woke up until she could no longer scream anymore. I remember one day, I literally sat on our living room floor screaming and crying with her because I was out of options. Needless to say when my mom called to check in on us, and she heard the screaming she jumped in her car and came right over
{After many trial and error doctor visits we learned that she was allergic to milk-based formulas, so once we changed that the screaming subsided a little.}

This is not how I envisioned being a stay at home mom was suppose to be. I wasn't able to accomplish anything. I was barely able to go to the bathroom. Cook dinner, now that is funny. Go to the grocery store even funnier.

I didn't adapt well at first. I struggled to balance everything I thought or felt like I needed to do.
When in the big scheme of things I was doing pretty darn well keeping our new baby and myself alive.

I am very much a result-driven person.

I need to see results.

I need to see actions or tasks completed in order to feel validated.

I can't remember why or when. All I remember was one day I started making my bed every morning, and that was my lightbulb moment.

There was my task/chore I needed to see accomplished.

I accomplished something even with a little baby in tote. I was on top of the world.
It was only recently that I saw this video and knew that this is how I felt. It was that domino effect. I accomplished one thing and then I was ready to tackle the next obstacle.

The biggest take away from the struggles that I learned was that one small thing, making your bed, can change anything and everything.
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