What is your word for 2019?
It appears that the vast majority of people no longer make New Year Resolutions, instead, they choose a word. My guess on the shift would be it is a whole lot easier to live up to one word, as opposed to some of the goals people typically choose. 

I have never been a fan of resolutions. Maybe because I have the attention span of a four-year-old or quite possibly I know I will not stick to whatever I claim as a newfound goal. 

I mean seriously if I wanted to lose weight, why do I need to wait for the New Year? If smoking was really that big of an issue for me, why not stop smoking now? As for getting out of debt, if that was a priority to me then I would have told everyone they aren't getting any gifts from me this year. But instead, I run up my credit card bill even more, just so I could have the resolution to get out of debt in January. Do you see how silly I think resolutions are? 

Now, the new trend as I mentioned is having a word. Now, this I can get behind.  Simplicity is what I am all about. I also like the idea of changing up the word throughout the year. 

To start the year off, I have picked my word to be.....

I am famous for starting something and not finishing. For instance this blog, I had no idea how to build a blog or website. I buckled down and build it. On my own, I designed everything. Once it was done, I dropped it, like it was HOT.  

See I have this problem of just wanting to see if I can do something. I thought that building the blog was the hard part. Oh, boy was I wrong, as usual. Afterward is when the hard work begins. So off I went to work on another project because that was easier than actually applying myself.  

Now that I have identified what I am doing my hope for this year is do Finish.  Jon Acuff wrote a book called Finish, it helped me identify my faults.  

I am looking forward to finishing this book and seeing what the new year holds for me. 

Tell me do you choose a word?

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