Bath Salts Infused With Essential Oils
One of the quickest and easiest DIY's using essential oils that I can think of. That fact only may be why I enjoy making bath salts.

All you need is Epsom Salts, Glass Jar, Essential oils, and a label.  I tend to use a 4-ounce glass Mason jar, But any jar will work. 

I like to fill my Mason jar half-way, add about 10 drops of essential oil, followed by more Epsom salts. Put your lid on and then shake for a minute. I promise your salts will all smell like the essential oil you added in no time at all. 

Now was that simple and quick? The best part NO mess to clean up! Now, that's what I'm talking about. 

A few of my favorite Essential oils to use in bath salt are:

EucalyptusI use this when our respiratory system needs support. When we have a cold or cough this oil goes in the tub. If your nose is clogged or when you can't breathe from your nose. Yes, this is the oil we use.

Panaway: I did suffer from major back issues most of my life. I finally wised up and started going to a chiropractor back in October 2018. AMAZING!! After my first adjustment, I was sold. Back to my point, there are some days when I push my body too far, and this blend just helps relax and soothe those muscles.

Stress AwayUm the name says it all. Depending on how old you are thinking back to the old Calgon bubble bath commercial. Calgon take me away! Well, Stress Away is the new Calgon:  Stress Away takes me away!
Those are just my favorites. You could use any essential oil scent that you prefer. The possibilities are endless. 

What essential oil do you see yourself using to make bath salts?
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