Stepping in
Sometimes you step in the arena and get your ass handed to you. 

But you and only you are in control of the next step. You have two options Either you can get up, shake the dust off and go again. Or you can stay down, sulk and play the victim card. Which in the long run is going to destroy you. 
You are not alone. Push through the pain. There is hope, joy, laughter, and love on the other side. You are an Overcomer.

We all have our issues and insecurities. The only difference is the choice you make. Are you going to stand up or stay down?

Brene Brown has a few books on this very topic. Daring Greatly. Totally worth the read. 

This was only the first round. You were made to fight to the end. Stand up. You have it in you to win. 

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