The snow is finally melting outside. 

Here are just a few reasons I am not excited…

I will miss the slow days. 
I will miss watching TV.
I will miss having the time to read. 
I will miss having the energy to work on my hobbies (puzzles) 
I will miss having the time to cook full meals for my family. 
I will miss sleeping late, and waking when my body is rested. 
I will miss being able to just be at home! 

I am amazed at the amount of people itching to get out of their house, when all I want to do is stay in mine. 

Before the snow, I knew I was tired. But I had no clue how much I was craving rest. Deep relaxing rest, and not fake rest. 

AKA I am still hanging out in my pjs so this must be considered resting. Resting is not something I am good at. I know it, I own it. 

Now that the snow is melting, life goes back into full swing. I am not ready to return to full schedules. The demands of the world and the people in it. I secretly hope for another “weather” closure, so I can enjoy just one more day of peace. Even though on the other side of that coin, it is another day I do not get paid.

Here’s to the journey of stepping back into the real world while trying to hold on to the peace I learned about during the snowpocalypse. 
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