When Anger is A Problem

Anger is a feeling. Typically anger indicates a build up of frustration. This frustration can come from multiple things. 

  • Not Being Seen 
  • Not Being Taken Serious 
  • Not Being Able To Speak Up For One's Self
  • Not Being Able To Communicate Your Needs 
The List could go on and on, but I feel like you get the picture. 

We also get angry at ourselves when we feel guilty.  When we feel the need for punishment. Sometimes we shift the focus and blame our actions on other people when in reality it was our fault to begin with.  

Growing up we never learned how to express our Anger in a healthy manner. Your anger was probably dismissed, ignored, or told to get over it. When we live our lives with these unhealthy habits we begin to travel down the downward spiral of desperation. 

If we are never shown how to express our Anger or even worse told that Anger is a natural response. When we finally hit our breaking point Anger comes out in dangerous behaviors and actions. We open the door to addictions, violence, low self-worth, and self-harm. 

Anger is just a feeling. An Emotion. Anger will come and go. Do not give it the power to control you. Learn the signals your body is speaking to you. When you are angry, process and release. Please stop ignoring. You are doing more harm than good. 

One tip I will give you, is when you are working with your children to learn to express their Anger, do not tell them to hit something. In doing so we are teaching them to hit things when they are Angry, and unfortunately this can lead to more trouble down the road. 

Instead try suggesting another action--have them get up and move, exercise, run, walk, dance, journaling, playing music. 

What happens when we never release our Anger? 

Anger is a feeling. Feelings that are not released or processed get stored in our bodies. Stored emotions can and will wreak havoc inside our bodies. For example the Emotion Anger is stored in the liver. 

Do you know what function your liver serves?

Your liver regulates the majority of the chemicals in your blood. Your liver helps remove toxins from the body and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. If you are having liver issues, I would suggest doing an inventory check of your memories.. Figure out what memories/situations you are holding on to that are causing your discomfort. 

Feelings are not good or bad. They are what they are. Signals to tell us something is off. Learn to sit with your Emotions and process and release them in a timely manner. 

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